The question

Het Centraal Museum stelde Rhinofly de volgende vraag.

The Centraal Museum Utrecht asked Rhinofly to develop a concept to give visitors of the Surreal Worlds exhibition an experience, a surreal experience, related to the subject of surrealism. This experience may manifest itself in various parts of the exhibition and even outside of it.

A limiting condition is that one of the three masterpieces from the museum’s own collection - including two pieces by J.H. Moesman - has to be part of the concept.

The exhibition Surreal Worlds (February 15th – June 9th 2014)
The subject of the exhibition is art and visual culture in The Netherlands, strongly characterized by surrealism, from the 1930s until now. The museum’s own collection of Utrecht surrealists from the 1930s forms the basis of this exhibition. Surrealists found that reality is not an objective, rational fact; it is all about how one experiences it. It is about perception, and emotions, fears, fantasies, and hidden desires play a big part in this. This way, the ordinary world transforms into a weird, ominous reality, surrealism.

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I never have an intention. You assume something or something is forced to you and then it will grow from your subconscious.

J.H. Moesman

The idea

Surrealism is quite weird sometimes. Our subconscious self will do it’s very best to hang on to reality. To experience surrealism we need to let go of this realism and relax. By connecting the Brain Trip’s brain reader to the brain, it will measure whether one is focused or relaxed. This state of mind influences your expedition of discovery into the surreal world.

Brain Trip: A voyage into surrealism via your brain waves

Unlock the power of the human mind and unlock the potential of humankind.


The way it works

Brain Trip: the experience

The brain reader uses EEG. This is a brain scan that measures electric activity in your brain. On this basis, the brain reader measures whether you are focused or relaxed and when you blink your eyes.

These three stadia of the brain will be used as tools in the expedition into the surreal world. We start the Brain Trip in reality; everything is still easy to understand. Soon enough, the surreal world shows itself. If it is more than you can take, by focusing you can return to reality and go back in time. If it is still way too much to handle, you can blink your eyes three times and leap back in time.

At a certain point, there is no way back. Your brain is exhausted and the only thing you can do is surrender to the surreal world. A unique travel report will be made of your Brain Trip, in which you can see how your cerebral hemispheres experienced this expedition. This souvenir can be shared on social media.

Neurosky: the technology

In Brain Trip, we use Neurosky’s MindWave brain reader. This brain reader uses EEG biosensors to measure brain activity. Your brain transmits different electric pulses while doing different activities and while being in different states of mind, like tensed, thinking, sleeping, etcetera. The brain reader digitalizes these analogue electric pulses. This digital output can be used as an user-interface for gaming, education, and all kinds of research.

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If you break with conventions around technology and creativity, you unlock a new world of interactive possibilities.

Ronald van Schaik,

About Rhinofly

Utrecht-based, interactive bureau Rhinofly is the deviser and creator of Brain Trip, an installation based on the interaction via brain waves. Because surrealism is inextricably linked to the subconscious, this is the interpretation of our faith in the winning combination of creativity and technology.

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